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Since all we do is deliver high-quality, innovative, cutting edge solutions, everyone at The Matador Media understands a full and robust knowledge of issues regarding online businesses and compliance. From basic data quality checks, simple risk assessments, to designing and configuring the proper backup solution for disaster recovery. If you’re unsure of what you need to guard against, need assistance in fixing known issues, or just want to beef up your security for your business data, The Matador Media is all you need:

  • Get the most cost effective solution for compliance and data protection
  • Be fully capable of recovering your business and all data from a disaster
  • Advisory on all risks and other security issues affecting your business
  • Safe money: All solutions and services are delivered virtually and online
  • Decide how much and what type of support you really need

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Let me ask you: Do you have customer data?

International, Federal, and various State laws require a certain level of protection and care with customer data collected. Publicly traded or thinking of it? You’ve got SOX to worry about.
Got an online website and a visible social media presence? I’ll sum it up: hackers, data security, backdoors into your systems and business.
Got medical and patient information? Ever heard of HIPAA? You do know.
Unprepared for a disaster and no formal plans for business continuity if it happens? Self-explanatory.
Take credit card and banking information for customer payments? I’ll spell it out for you: P-C-I.

Think of us as your one stop shop for anything involving compliance, governance, audit, online security, web application protection and online asset protection.
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Matador Creative Committee


Omar Alam
Founder, President, Creative Producer of OmarAlam.TV

Since leaving the suit and tie corporate madhouse in 2002, Omar has advised and consulted clients of all sizes from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires. His unique approach and view on risk and compliance has dramatically allowed him to reach into new industries and connect with small business owners, entrepreneurs, solo professionals, and broaden the offerings of The Matador Media while delivering solutions and methods that go against the “typical proposal and presentation” manners, and actually creates things that work.