About Us

The Matador Media (noun): Que?

Two words: Cutting edge and innovative.

Our world is the online/digital world, with services primarily with internet marketing and advertising. We use all the available social media outlets, forums, news sites, video sites, and affiliate networks. Certifications? We got’em.

The end goal for us is to create the best possible strategy and solution to help you with online compliance, data security, online privacy, web application security, DRP/BCP, and also with bullet-proofing your online marketing and advertising campaigns. We prefer simplicity and then training you on how to do this for yourself.

We are current and former IT auditors, Security specialists, small business owners, web entrepreneurs, online affiliate marketers,   social media experts, and privacy professionals. From SOX, PCI, NIST, GLBA, EU-Safe Harbor, Data Classification, OWASP, and a whole bunch or other acronyms and strange sounding terms. We eat, sleep, and drink this stuff.

One thing you won’t find here are suits and ties or out-date ways of doing business.

Thank You is our favorite word.



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